Bill Graham's Yahrtzeit at Don Ramon's

  Celebrating his Life.  Sharing Memories.  Enjoying a nosh.


Tues, Oct 22nd

5:30 PM


All Welcome!

Venue Info:

Don Ramon's Mexican Restaurant 

225 11th street, San Francisco, California 94103

Remembering Bill, noshing on Glatt Kosher Mexican Food cooked in our Kosher Kitchen under the direction of Lee Ramirez of Don Ramon's, drinking L'chaim's to Bill's Memory, and our continued efforts to honor his legacy!

Two years ago, we began a new tradition of gathering at Don Ramon's to commemorate Bill's Yahrzeit. We have had  wonderful gatherings, great memories were shared, and we are really looking forward to being together again to remember Bill. The Yahrzeit, in Jewish Tradition, is the anniversary in the Jewish calendar of a loved one's passing. On a person's Yahrzeit we can connect with their Soul. It is also taught, that by honoring our loved ones on their Yahrzeit, we help to elevate that Soul in the heaven's. To learn more go to

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Rabbi Yosef Langer