The 21st Yahrtzeit (Anniversary of passing) of
3 Tammuz, 5775 | June 20, 2015 
Shabbat Program Friday & Shabbos 

Over twenty years after the Rebbe's passing, his presence is felt stronger than ever. His teachings continue to inspire and guide us, and his insights remain as fresh and relevant as if they were given today. Each of us is a beneficiary of the Rebbe's inspiration in one way or another, and our lives are affected by his visionary leadership.

On the anniversary of his passing (June 20th), let's celebrate the Rebbe's vision. Let's honor his life's mission to bring goodness and kindness into this world. Let's do one more mitzvah, one more good deed, to make this world a better place.

Chabad Rabbis of SF

cordially invite you for an uplifting and inspiring Shabbos

in honor of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

marking the 21st Yahrtzeit of the lubavitcher Rebbe
- Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Guest speaker: Rabbi David Eliezry
Renowned Speaker and author Executive director of Beth Meir Hacohen Chabad, Yorba Linda, CA. 

@ Chevra Thilim 751 25th Ave SF, CA 94121 

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Gourmet Catered Shabbat Dinner

RSVP REQUIRED by Wednesday, June 17.
Couvert: Single $25 / Family $60

Friday, 2 Tammuz - June 19
6:45 PM Services - Kaballat Shbbat
7:30 PM - Gourmet Shabbat Dinner 

Shabbat, 3 Tammuz 
9:00 AM - Chasidus with Rabbi Hecht
9:30 AM - Morning Services
12 PM - Grand Kidush Lunch and Chasidic Farbrengen and open Q & A 

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