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At Chabad of S. Francisco
Holiday Date
April 8 - 16, 2020

Join us for our Virtual Seder


Join Rabbi Shmulik Friedman for a virtual pre-Passover seder via Zoom!
Relive the exodus, discover the eternal meaning of the Hagadah, and enjoy a virtual community Seder. Experience the liberation and freedom of Passover and discover the Seder's relevance to today's modern Jew. 
Seder In A Box
Sell Your Chametz
Virtual Seder
Pesach Times
Finish eating Chametz before
April 8 2020, 11:01 AM
The absolute deadline for eating chametz is the morning before Passover, it is forbidden to eat chametz until the close of the festival in eight days.
Sell and Burn Chametz before
April 9 2020, 12:06 PM
By this time, the chametz should be burned, and there should be no chametz remaining in your possession.
Sell Your Chametz

Why Do We Sell Our Chametz? Find Out Here

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