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Look at all the mitzvot that people have taken on!

Mitzvahs from the "Delegation of Diller Israeli Teens aboard the Mitzvah Cable Car"

Ishay: Tefillin
Gal: to pray
Yarden: give a compliment to a stranger
Roni: to get to know my least favorite person in the group
Ronel: Tefillin
Tomer: Nerot Shabbat
Erel: Lishmor Shabbat
Adi: Lishmor shabat
Gal A: Tefillin

Mitzvahs: September 7, 2014

First Group:
Ginnie Miraglia, Steven Rosen, San Leandro: Collected Scott Badler’s briefcase when I turned away to talk to some people.
Roshanda Brown, San Leandro: will participate in community trash pickup.
Jen Leybovich, SF; bought friend coffee
Ariel, SF: Took pix for tourists
Miriam Amkiea, Jerusalem: washed hands and blessed food
Shifra Fagen, Jerusalem: Dressed modestly
Alex and Ina Tetiyevsky, Stowe, MA: Supported Israel with charitable contributions
Igor Gemburg, New York, Supported synagogue in NY with contributions twice a year

Second Trip: All said their mitzvah was contributing to the reopening of the Mikvah at Chabad House in Berkeley

Statfele Brulchie, NY
Lea Lax, NY
Baruchi, NY
Chaim Lax, NY
Yitz Chak, NY

Ellan from Livermore - help my local rabbi with a task
Joe Danville - call Dan Steinberg to show him love
Rich from San Francisco -Spending more time with mom
Renee from Maryland - giving furniture to charity for people that need
Anna from Modesto- Helping the elderly
Rita - Germany/Danville give to the driver
Nonie - giving today's salary to charity
Moses -Miami / SF - give charity Jewish cause
Phaygah Tzippy came on tour
Abbey from Foster City - Donate something today
Carol from Walnut Creek - add in efforts to support causes for abandoned and abused dogs feed the hungry
Barbara Konowitz serves as president residents council reutlinger and inspire people to do good
Soffie from Danville - give charity that I have been
Renata - going to visit friend who is sick
Mike from Danville -extra smile
Sofia from San Francisco -extra prayer for peace in Israel
Lev from San Francisco -extra prayer for peace in Israel

Third Group:

Randy Gordon, Birmingham, AL --Donate sports equipment to needy organization

Beatty Gordon, Fairfax, Ca contribute in community service acts at the Eco-Club of San Dominica

JC Cournoyer, Donate women's clothes and blankets

David Groves, Ocean City, MD Volunteer at hospice

Evejy Heeling -- Assist the senior population at JCC


Charge homeless peoples cell phones, collect homeless peoples mail 

Contribute in community services and monetary help

Producing the Mistletov/mazeltov events for the Jewish sports hall of fame.

Fourth Group:

Love thy neighbor - Jason

Share a personal moment in conversation with a homeless person - Levi

Evejy Heeling -- Assist the senior population at JCC

Be happy and share it - addy

Say the shema -Matt 

Positive outlook and smoke in my face -Grace

Non perishable lunches to give to people on the street - Allegra

Be nicer to my parents - Quinn

Feed the homeless - Micah

Putting money aside each money dedicated to buying homeless people meals - Erin 

Help my rabbi by chaperoning a teen trip - Rachel

Help the planet by using less water - Kelsey