Shabbox - Sabbat in Box to go

includes Shabbat Dinner and lunch, sermonical kiddush and havdala items

$99 one person
$65 for each additional person

Orders must be placed by Wednesday 5pm pacific time.

Pick up 11am - 1pm friday at Chabad SF 496 Natoma Street 
delivery can be done via uber package. Go on your uber app, request a package pick up from 496 Natoma Street and then call 4152184922 to make sure we know the car is coming

Friday Night:

Grape Juice**
Home made Chums and Techinah
Fresh Salad 
Roasted Chicken
Chocolate Babka

Shabbos Day:

Cold cuts
Cole Slaw
Grap Juice
Fresh Salad

*Items can be substituted to similar 
**Dry red wine $10