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An interactive and lively discussion. You can join online or in person @ Chabad - 496 Natoma St.

4 Wednesdays, Nov. 18 - Dec. 9

About the Course:

Are you ready to retrain your mind to think healthy thoughts? Depression, guilt and anxiety are some of the most common feelings that drag us down. Some thought patterns are so pervasive and so ingrained in our minds that we aren’t even conscious of them. When these thought patterns are self-destructive and disempowering, they breed toxic emotions. The first step is to demystify these patterns by becoming more self-aware; then we can develop strategies for tackling the challenges they present. Each lesson in this course will focus on one key area, diving inward to examine the pattern of thought, and exploring strategies for untangling and transforming them.


Lesson 1: Revealing Happiness - Nov. 18, 8pm

Happiness is the engine that drives life. In this lesson, we explore some common things that tend to bring us down and what we can do to counteract these negative emotional forces.

Lesson 2: Confronting Guilt - Nov. 25 , 8pm

In this lesson, we differentiate between different forms of guilt, both constructive and destructive. We will learn how to recognize when judging ourselves is destructive.

Lesson 3: Transcending Judgement - Dec. 2, 8pm

It’s easier to point a finger than to look inward. In this lesson, we explore methods of challenging our feelings of superiority, learning to keep the ego in check, and focus on our own growth.

Lesson 4: Overcoming Anxiety - Dec. 9, 8pm

Failure is a critical component in the journey towards success. So why are we always so anxious about failures? What role does our faith play in our attitude towards life? In this lesson, we will examine how trust is the guiding force in our lives and the ultimate antidote for anxiety.

Course instructor: Rabbi Shmulik Friedman