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Testimonial by Jonathan Hirshon

CEO, Horizon Public Relations

Everybody has something to contribute. Some can give time. Some can give talent. Some can help financially. I feel privileged to be able to do all three.

When I give to my community; I want the impact to be felt locally. That’s why Rabbi Langer knows that if he needs an extra pair of hands, some PR tips or anything else, he can let me know. While in many global organizations, large percentages of charity go to the organization’s own cost, I know that when I give to Chabad, I’m giving at the street level, and I know my contribution will be funneled into the right channels.

In a time when secularism is on the rise, Chabad’s welcoming, non-judgemental attitude is refreshing. They enable Jews to be active in Jewish life in whatever capacity makes sense for each individual. They lead by example; they embark on a life mission. And that’s something you don’t see very often these days.

They have inspired me to become a better person.