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Blogging With Rabbi Langer

Blogin with Rabbi Langer

Rally Rabbi helps win game


Dear Friends,

This past Monday was a huge success. The tailgate party had free hot dogs, music led by Rabbi Yehuda Ferris and the Ferris Wheels, it was incredible.

I want to share with you this Jingle we put togther for the Rally Rabbi

 From the players on the bench out on to the court and into the paint
up into the stands with the fans
and out into the street and into our homes and beyond
Rally with the Rally Rabbi to increase in acts of goodness and kindness for victory and peace!

Rabbi Yosef Langer"> src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">

A Fun-Filled Day



There is nothing like a mikvah after a very long day. And a good BBQ steak.


My friend Aryeh is leaving for a trip tomorrow to Israel, so we are having a good bye party for him.


I went to my mom (she just had eye surgery) today, thank G-d she is recovering, she will be back on the golf course before we know it. She had a golf cart accident a few weeks ago, she ran into a tree and luckily the tree stopped the cart from rolling on top of her. Big miracle from above, came out of it with some bumps and bruises and a cracked sternum and some bruised ribs. But she’ll be out again.


Went to the skin doctor today, thank G-d the skin is holding up great, little extended sun rays did some damage on the forehead, but the doctor said that all the little things on my body are fine, thank G-d, he happened to be none of then the infamous Sandy Goldstein. The first time under my microscopes. It felt good to be under his presence.


And I spoke to my dear fried Ira, who started Chabad of Marin, who’s the number one doctor in Kaiser. My daughter is wonderful and aspiring.


We got up for minyan this morning at the crack of dawn with my Russian Jewish minyaners, Tzvi leading the pack, one of the few who came to the clean up/clean out and the Chabad house. Another Russian lady who came was Rosa, she was over the top, a Russian lady who got down on her hands and knees, to get out the roots of the earth, to manicure the garden of Eden in front of the Chabad house.


And Aryeh and Chanan were there as well. We’re schlepping heavy furniture,

we watched the world series and for some reason I like Tony La Rusa, he’s a sensitive man, he is also animal friendly. He believes in the 7 Noahide laws. We’re going say a quick Shma, and then go back to S. Francisco.

Getting My Head On Straight


I started off the day sleeping in a bit, and then I rushed off to Shul and made it for Rosh Chodesh.  I wanted to set my head on straight because the Rosh Chodesh controls the whole month, and by getting to Shul on time I was able to control this “goof.” It is interesting that the body is called the “goof,” because it is holy and we have a chance to make it more holy by studying and doing Mitzvos. It gets in the way a lot because you have to be a Rosh to get on top of your goof.

One of the highlight of my day was that I went to Mark Twain Lake at 23 and Fulton. I can really get in touch with myself there, especially today. I like just walking and talking with G-d, circling the lake while saying Psalms. Today I saw this Russian Jew, a seaman, just like I used to be before I was Rabbi. This big guy always smiles. He has this tiny dog that’s like a Chihuahua, if you look at the dog for more than a second he will show his teeth, he said that the dog is trained to kill rats.

I spent time with Hinda, we did a quick walk around the lake. I saw the most beautiful sunset tonight, it was gorgeous.  I called Moshe and asked him what he wanted for dinner, and we decided to have tacos. We talked about the Chabad Cable Car on wheels, taking it to the streets and the tacos are putting me to sleep.

Community Clean-Up Drive

Rally Rabbi



Jewish heritage night in SBC Park Home of the SFrancisco Giants.

Let me give you the high-down

2nd inning. I Blow the Shofar to the tune of Charge!
(Giants then go on to score three runs)

7th inning. They call me up for a second time to Blow the Shofar. It was amazing by the third time we were charged up!
(Giants don't score and go on to blow lead)

9th inning. I couldn't believe it i was on the big screen were the whole Park could see with the words "Rally Rabbi", so i took out my shofar and blew away in attempt to propel the Giants to victory!!!
(Giants go on to lose game 6-3)

You know even though the Giants didn't win today, a bigger game was won. What a great way to remind everyone that Rosh Hashan is coming up. We should merit to all be in Shul listening to the shofar together this year in Jerusalem!

Till Next time,

Rabbi Langer

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