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Passover 2018
Join our Annual Luxurious Passover/Pesach Seder, as we experience the Holiday of Freedom!

Relive the exodus, discover the eternal meaning of the Haggadah, and enjoy a community Seder complete with hand-baked Matzah, wine, and a wonderful dinner spiced with unique traditional customs.
Experience the liberation and freedom of Passover. Discover the Seder's relevance to today's modern Jew.

Location: Covo
Date: Friday, March 30th 2018
7:30 PM - Prayer Service 
8:00 PM - Seder

 Lunch and Learn

Enjoy nourishment for your body and soul 12-1pm every Wednesday. 
Xim inc 400 Beale St #103 (Entrance right off the street).

Email us to let us know your attending. 

Talmud Club 

Wed, March. 7th.
7:30pm - Schmooze & Cruise
8:00pm - Talmud

@ Chabad 
SF  496 Natoma St. (@6th St.)

Suggested donation $20 at leave a note in the comments 'Talmud Club'
Questions? Email

What is the the Talmud Club about?

For over a thousand years, our most important cultural activity has been the study of Talmud. It has sustained us through persecution and exile, shaping the discourse of our people and serving as the crowning achievement of our intellectual tradition.

Perhaps you have been curious about the Talmud, but thought it was complex and inaccessible to anyone lacking extensive training. Not anymore. The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is proud to launch the MYSHIUR Talmud Learning Initiative, an innovative entry to this magnificent work. You need no prior knowledge of the Talmud and no formal legal training. There are no prerequisites other than an open mind.

You will enter the world of the yeshiva. The MYSHIUR Talmud Learning Initiative brings you authentic Talmud study with a master teacher. Sit before an open page of the Gemara and engage in intense discourse and debate. We provide the guidance and support that lets you take part in this thrilling Jewish intellectual tradition.

We invite you to join a 2,000-year-old conversation that is still relevant today. Join us in the ancient study halls of Jerusalem and Babylonia. Add your voice to other voices that span the millennia, as you experience firsthand the exhilarating mental exploration that characterizes traditional Talmud study.
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March 23rd, 2018 
A unique Friday night experience for Young Jewish Professionals

7:00 PM: 
Holy Hour ~ Kabbalat Shabbat, Singing and prayer with Rabbi Shmulik. The traditional "not-your-parents" services are user-friendly, melodious, and inspiring.
Enjoy an open bar, hors d'oeuvres, Falafel & Shawarma Bar

Project of Chabad SF - SOMA Shul